Woman Loses An Eye Because Of A Makeup Mishap

Erica Diaz, mother of two, lost her eye due to an unfortunate incident. One night, she decided to wear makeup with some glitter in it to impress her friends. When she came back home and washed it off to get ready for bed, she started feeling like something was wrong.


At first it started off as an itchy sensation in her eyelid, but the pain soon escalated to what can only be described as excruciating. It turns out that the glitter from her makeup had entered her eye and cut her cornea. With her eye exposed, an infection soon started to develop.


Soon the infection got worse, allowing for puss to develop in her eye.  The pain only got worse over time, so she was rushed to the hospital for eye surgery. To document her medical procedures, she started taking pictures of her surgery results and posted them on Imgur.


Two cornea transplants were done, but were unsuccessful. Once the doctors saw that her eye was in danger of developing sepsis, there was no choice left but to remove it altogether.


Nowadays, Erica has chosen to wear a prosthetic eye. But the side effects of the surgery and medicine she was given prior to the loss of her real eye left her with general hair loss, primarily around the eyebrow and eyelashes area.


So take care whenever you apply cosmetics to yourself. Even something as seemingly harmless as glitter nearly cost a young mother her life. Erica urges anyone who has to apply some similar type of makeup to wear eye protection.