Woman Shares Vacation Tip That Will Keep Your Family Safe

Woman Shares Vacation Tip That Will Keep Your Family Safe


Going on a vacation with your family is one of the simplest yet most wonderful things in life. But being away from your home can sometimes cause some unnecessary worries. Did you leave the stove on? Did you leave the tap running? Lastly, but certainly not the least, did you leave your fridge full of easily spoilable food? Well, while the former two could easily be fixed by diligence, the latter certainly poses a threat to the end of a relaxing trip.


But don’t worry. This one simple tip will solve your possible food-spoilage dilemma once and for all.


Everyone knows that the number one cause of food spoiling is a sudden and prolonged power outage. Without the refrigerator’s cooling properties, the contents of your fridge will spoil in no time. And when the power does come back, it’ll just refreeze your food without you ever knowing that most of it has already spoiled.


Sheila Pulanco Russell shares this one simple trick on Facebook called the “One Cup Tip”. All you need to do is freeze some water in a cup, then put a quarter on top and put it in your freezer.

By doing this one simple tip, you’ll know immediately whether a power outage did occur, since the quarter on top of the frozen water would’ve sank to the bottom. This would be a clear indication that a blackout of a length sufficient enough to cause most of your food to spoil has happened, and that you should be wary before eating any of it.


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that any food exposed to an unpowered refrigerator for less than 4 hours should be okay as long as the door was kept shut. But any perishables that have been at a temperature of at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour, such as eggs, fish, and all kinds of meat should be thrown out.


In sum, if the quarter’s still on top of the cup, the food is okay to consume. If it’s in the ice when you come back, then you should probably throw your perishables out, just to be safe.