This Simple Color Test Reveals Your Dominant Personality Trait

This Simple Color Test Reveals Your Dominant Personality Trait

This Simple Color Test Reveals Your Dominant Personality Trait

We all have unique personalities. Personalities are like a thumbprint; no two people are ever the same. And in this unique and ever changing world, that is hardly a surprise.


I bet alot of people would say that they know what their own personalities are, but really, that is not the case. Unfortunately, your personality will more often than not be more accurately identified by the people who observe you, or know you well enough. After all, our personalities are a subjective trait. It takes alot of self reflection to really know who you are.


Although there are different mix-ups of personalities out there, there are some defining traits that rise above the rest. For instance, some people could be more well known for their kindness or their compassion. Others could be for their daringness and their courage; there are even some who can empower others just by being near them. Lastly, there are those who are known for their logical prowess and intellect.

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And even if personalities are more defined by getting others to subjectively evaluate you, there is a way for you to know what type of personality you have on your own. On top of that, it is an easy and convenient way, too.


What colors you like can say a lot about you

There have been many studies that attempt to accurately define what personality you have, and this study seems to be one of the most accurate ones. Color association is, according to Psychology Today, a reliable gauge of one’s personality. For instance, if you like the color red, you are most likely a passionate person, embracing life to it’s fullest.


If you like green, you are probably an honest, affectionate and loyal person. You are probably quite conscious of what others think of you, and hold your reputation to be of quite importance. Purple lovers on the other hand are creative people, they may have artistic talents inside them just waiting to burst out.


Yellow lovers are probably energetic people; they love to learn and are not stingy with what they know. They have absolutely no trouble with finding what makes them happy. People who are around these types of people more often than not associate them with a ray of sunshine.


And people who are predisposed to the color blue are sensitive, reliable, and are always considerate of other’s needs. These types of people love balance and a quiet serenity in their lives is a must for them.


Although the color association method above does generate a broad picture of what your personality might be, it might not be enough to accurately determine what is your most dominant personality trait. Fortunately, their is a way to know what your most dominant trait is.


The quiz below will ask you to pick from a series of colors and images to know what type of personality you have. After it is done, it will then tell you what personality you have.

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You might be shocked at how accurate the answer will be; I know I was.