An Expectant Mother’s Retroverted Uterus Led To Her Baby “Growing Backwards”


Recently, social media has had their attention set on the presence of baby bumps. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically just the bulge a mother-to-be’s abdomen gets during the middle stages of pregnancy. But when Yiota Kouzoukas, co-owner of the online clothing store Sabo Skirt, posted pictures of her baby bump on Instagram, it surprised a lot of her followers.

The surprise was that at 6 months pregnant, she didn’t have a baby bump.


When asked why she was lacking the baby bulge, she told her followers that during the first four months of her pregnancy, her uterus was tilted in such a way that the baby was growing backwards into her body instead of outwards.


She assures her public that there is nothing wrong with this type of pregnancy, and that women with this kinds of uterus tend to tilt forward at the 12th week of pregnancy.

Of course having a small belly even at the 6th month of pregnancy was alarming to some people, but Yiota explains that the ligaments near her uterus acted like anchors keeping it inside rather than outside.

When she was 7 months pregnant, her belly began to swell normally (although still at a much smaller size as compared to a normal pregnancy). The undersized aspect of her baby bulge could also be attributed to her physical anatomy, with her torso being short and her usual rigorous ab exercises making her stomach toned.

According to Edward Marut, a physician working at the Fertility Centers of Illinois, there are three kinds of uterus positions: anteverted (tilted forward), midplane (the norm), and retroverted (tilted back).

He goes on to say that while they are different, it does not affect the pregnancy as much as you’d think it would. After all, the position of the uterus is dictated by the ligaments surrounding it, not the uterus itself.