Missing Cellphone Found After Dead Nursing Student Visits Her Sister In A Dream

Daughter of Karen and Craig Clark, Emily Clark was a 20 year old aspiring nurse. Studying at Georgia Southern University, she was your average young woman who kept a good rapport with everyone. She was also very close to her younger sister, Hailey.


As your average young adult, she was particularly fond of her phone, often taking multiple selfies and videos of her family, friends, and her boyfriend Neal.


But one day, everything would change for her family. On the 15th day of April, she, along with 4 other nursing students, met with an accident on the highway of Savannah, Georgia. A tractor trailer had lost control and crashed into their vehicle, causing their untimely deaths.


Grieving the loss of their beloved daughter, Emily’s parents had assumed that all of her belongings, including her phone, had been lost forever. However, one night, her sister Hailey had a strange dream.


In the dream, she met Emily and she revealed the missing phone’s location to her sister. As Hailey woke up, she knew that the dream felt too real to be only her imagination. She told her parents but they were too skeptical to do anything about it.

Six months after the incident, they received a call from the police.

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