An Unfaithful Man Explains: Why Do Men Cheat On Loyal Women?

One of my girl friend called me up in the middle of dinner. She was on the edge of crying over the phone, babbling about how her guy cheated on her even if she gave her everything. At the end of the phone call she kept repeating a single question. Why? Why? Why?  

It’s no strange story, we’ve all heard it before. Some of us were even in the same situation; where the guy was caught or admitted to cheating despite having a  beautiful, loving and gorgeous girlfriend or wife. For example, Sandra Bullock, who is smart, funny, beautiful among other things; and Halle Berry, who would want to cheat on Halle Berry? Why would anyone cheat if they had THE HALLE BERRY??? Well, Eric Benet did with at least 10 women, two of which are her closest friends or should I say, was her closest friend. Pertaining to the question, WHY? Why Men Cheat On Great Women? The following reasons might be one of them:


 Why Men Cheat On Great Women 3

1. His libido is off the roof. Believe it or not it could be a genetic factor, some men and women are genetically hardwired to get aroused more easily and to want more often than the regular person. Although it’s a purely physical act, it still counts as cheating.


2. Because he can. Some men think that they are entitled to cheat. They feel little remorse when coveting because they think it’s their right due to their status quo, cultural upbringing and/or belief in gender roles. 


3. He has a lot of opportunity to cheat. To put it simply, many girls are willing to open their legs to him and he’s not man enough to say no. If you really love the someone, you’ll just have to try harder and not give in to temptations.

4. The thrill of the chase. Some also gets addicted by the excitement and risk as they get when having affairs. We all have, at some point, reach a point in our relationship when everything is going stale. But instead of talking it out with your partner, you turn to chase.


5. To boost his ego. He now feels inferior towards his partner that for some twisted reason, he thinks “conquering” other girls would make him more of a man. Guys, if this makes you feel better about yourself, you seriously need some counseling.

Why Men Cheat On Great Women 2


6. He feels neglected. It could be that his career woman is now too busy with work and keeping house that he went and look for someone who makes him top priority. He may feel like you have no time left for him.


7. Relationship Issues. Infidelity often occurs when couples are having problems that can’t be resolved easily. Admit it, we think of being with someone else whenever we have the big fight. The guy goes for drinks at the local bar, suddenly this very inviting girl shows up, and you know the rest of the story.


8. As revenge. He thinks that his girl also sees other men. How could this perfect girl, be totally into him? Maybe she’s cheating on him with her totally hot best friend or something. This is what he might be thinking, so he cheats to get back at her.


9. He’s unsatisfied. She isn’t stroking his balls enough, or somebody is giving him something that her girlfriend can’t provide. It could be a sexual activity, time, or even a shared interest.


10. Fell out of love. He no longer feels the passion with her so he looks for replacement and gives her a reason to end their relationship. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone, in a very bad way.


One last reminder, the next time you think about cheating with your partner, no matter what the reason is behind your infidelity, it doesn’t make it any less painful.