Is love in YOUR stars in 2016? Read your forecast for your romantic year ahead

Is love in YOUR stars in 2016? Read your forecast for your romantic year ahead

To those who have yet to find their true love, no need to rush or worry for the year has just begun. And because we love you that much, we went ahead and found out your love forecast for the rest of the year.

 Is love in YOUR stars in 2015 Read your predictions for your romantic year ahead



(December 22 – January 19)

Your relationship may reach a pinnacle at the first week of the year or it may come to an end.  But you will have an abundance of suitors starting throughout the year. March will bring someone that is totally your type, beaming with confidence and a total bad ass.

Your star will shine the brightest this August and love could develop while you are on a vacation. So don’t be afraid to take a chance and go for what or who you want. However, be mindful you don’t fall too fast or let your head go over your heels, since you often forget yourself in the process. Love is a balance of give and take, keep that in mind and get ready for a romantic year ahead.



(January 20 – February 18)

If you are still searching for that dream guy, he might just make his way to you before spring has even started. He’d want to take you for a wild adventure which might be a little out of your comfort zone. Keep an open mind to new ideas he’ll be presenting but remember to set your boundaries. Be careful to phrase your words more carefully, for you are susceptible to misunderstandings this year. Things will go a steady pace, come August.

Around the middle of the year, your past might come to haunt you; whether in the form of a past lover or old personal issues resurfacing. It is another test for you to overcome. Don’t let the shadows of your past spoil your present happiness. You total got this. Before the year ends you’ll be a lot stronger and wiser in love.



(February 19 – March 20)

You are on fire! You definitely put your heart out to achieve what or who you desire, which makes your star shine even more. April brings a sultry and lush spring romance and it’s just the beginning. Also expect a steaming hot summer this year. If you’ve been trapped in an unhealthy relationship last year, this summer is also the time to break free. You deserve someone capable and share your enthusiasm at the same time.

Take note of September 15 and October 17 for some highlights in your relationships. Some of your romantic fantasies might come true if you continue to work for your happiness and keep a balance with love and work. The final quarter of the year is about commitment. Your present relationship might take a turn for the serious. So embrace a juicy and sensational year.



(March 21 – April 20)

You might be putting love in the backseat until March because of the entire excitement last year. Take this time to rethink your relationship patterns and settle any issues that needs closure. Love will come back full force this April until August. Summer might be a good idea for a make-over, a very sexy one at that.

If you are single, be very positive because your stars are backing you up. You’ll be a magnet for dreamers and poetic types, who love your passion. The planets are also boosting your charm and appeal. Make use of all the lessons you’ve learned the past year.  To those who are currently in a relationship, Uranus will keep the fire burning and interesting. This year is a great opportunity for making real connections.



(April 21 – May 21)

Love is definitely a big subject this year. A very affectionate man might come knocking on your door and shower you with all his affection and attention, which totally works for you. The planets will come together for a very hot summer and thing will turn even hotter come October. You are the manifestation of a sex goddess, you’ll partner will have trouble keeping up with you.

You definitely earn all the great things happening this year, with all the troubles you’ve been through. You’ve learned love the hard way, and it made you the admirable and loving person you are now.


Is love in YOUR stars in 2015 Read your predictions for your romantic year ahead 2

(May 22 – June 20)

The beginning of the year will be a test for your commitment and relationship boundaries. If you still have doubts about settling down you’ll have to make it clear especially to yourself. Romance will be at its peak this June and August. A getaway adventure might set the stage for you and your potential partner.

You may be on your way to having the kind of relationship you’ve always wanted. So go figure out what you want and don’t settle for anyone less. Be sure to find a balance with your social life and romantic life. Friendship is also an important aspect of this year.



(June 21 – July 22)

It’s going to be a busy year, being on the go and meeting a lot of new faces. May and December are when it’s busiest. A charity event just might turn into a romantic night, just be the gorgeous woman you are. September might have you falling hard for someone amazing, just make sure to be levelheaded, this one just might be for keeps.

You and your partner could develop a new level of understanding this year. With your loving nature, you tend to do most of the work, which is not good. Be true to yourself so you can communicate better with your partner. Love is about cohesive partnering Cancer.



(July 23 – August 22)

Expect a very sexy year, roar! A very special guy could coax out the hidden feline inside of you and will have you purring for a wild night. If you’re already in a relationship, you’ll be fixated on how to be great partner and April could bring the means for you to achieve that goal, but of course, he have to meet you halfway.

June could provide the time for you tie some loose ends on family issues. September will bring back the focus on love. You’ll be asked to give importance on bonding with your loved ones and giving them your undivided attention. Your priorities will be set straight more properly this time.


(August 23 – Sept. 22)

This year is yours for the taking! Starting January, you’ll take some big actions on matters of the heart. July will have you reinventing your relationship and what you thought about love. Getting the answers right this time. Love has thought you that there are no shortages of chances.

August will make your star shine brightly, with love adventures firing up your year until the end of the year. Your love life is a buzz, but make sure you don’t lose your precious “me” time. You’ll get that perfect balance of loving with your heart and mind.

Is love in YOUR stars in 2015 Read your predictions for your romantic year ahead 3


(September 23 – October 22)

You’re a natural entertainer and everyone in your circle knows. But you might want to be on the listening or the receiving end, especially when February might bring you a new love interest. Spend time with just the two of you maybe on a trip, so you can be a lot closer both physically and emotionally. Your relationship might be heading for the next level starting from April up to your birthday.

You avoid confrontation as much as possible but you have given much importance in honesty this year. If you’re still searching for the right guy, go out and socialize. You might bump into him into one of your friend’s parties. Love comes when you least expect it.



(October 23 – November 21)

Love might not be your priority this year, but it won’t stop it from reaching brand new heights. Be honest and open to your partner that might put your career first. A thoughtful man will support you and won’t hold you back. With that, expect you will be experiencing a lot of steamy holidays. April will have you learning a love lesson.

The second half of the year continues to teach you about taking it easy on your partner and being less demanding in love. It won’t be easy for you since you but you’re getting a whole lot better in relating to your partner. Open up your heart to the one you love.



(November 22 – December 21)

You will be having a great year! Your confidence and loving nature will point you to true love. And you’re ready for him to arrive. April will have you considering your take on your current relationship and possibly agreeing to a long term commitment. Sparks will fly during the break of spring this March.

There might be past lovers visiting you from abroad in August or it might mean revisiting a place abroad that holds a very memorable memory. The rest of the year will bring a lot of chances to really know who you are and what you want. You want a partner you respect but also bring you the fun and adventure you crave. It won’t be easy but true love is worth it, totally.