Is it Deadly to Be Lonely? Why Alcohol Poisoning Kills More Men

Is it Deadly to Be Lonely? Why Alcohol Poisoning Kills More Men

Loneliness is an intense emotional feeling that can cause negative impacts inside the human body.  Today new researches suggest a biological link between loneliness and ill health.  According to John Cacioppo, a social psychologist from the University of Chicago, feeling lonely is tied to  hardening of the arteries and inflammation in the body which can lead to high blood pressure and even memory problems.

Is it Deadly to Be Lonely Why Alcohol Poisoning Kills More Men

But how does one cope up with this feeling? Why Alcohol Poisoning Kills More Men? Most of the people today, especially men, deal with loneliness by consuming alcohol. Does alcohol help or does it worsen the feeling? If consumed moderately, it might help and give you a relief, but if too much of this drink enters your body, it might shut down your system and cause you death.

According to CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) six Americans aging 35 – 64 die each day from alcohol and mostly are men. Alcohol death is caused by drinking too much alcohol in a short time. This may shut down your brain and may cease your breathing, heart rate and temperature leading you to coma or death.

What is the connection between loneliness and alcohol and why is it deadly? Loneliness can raise the body’s circulating stress hormone and blood pressure that might lead to heart attacks and stroke. It also causes your heart muscle to  work harder and blood vessels are prone to damage. Loneliness also destroys your quality of sleep which can add to the body’s deterioration.  Alcohol also depresses your system in many ways. That is why when you are in a state of loneliness and if your alcohol intake is too much and not controlled, system depression takes a double effect.

But why men in the middle to late ages are more prone to death? Men tend to deal with emotional stress such as loneliness by drinking. Women on the other hand deal with loneliness by shopping or by socializing, trying to redirect and eliminate stress. Men on higher age are more likely to die due to too much alcohol consumption because of one’s body state. Younger people can tolerate higher amounts of alcohol and can stay awake longer than older people. And if you start drinking early, it has also started diminishing your body’s full function and by the time you reach your middle or late age, your body is more vulnerable to more damages especially caused by stress and loneliness and if dealt with over consumption of alcohol.

How can we avoid the deadly effect of loneliness and alcohol? We can start by expanding our choices and smart decisions. This does not only apply to men, but for everybody in any ages. We can redirect our emotional stress by engaging in sports, shopping, reading, socializing with friends or by doing any hobby that makes you feel comfortable and somewhat releases out your stress. And if there is really a call for a drink, responsible drinking should be given importance to avoid the unwanted and deadly effects of alcohol.