The Internet Freaks Out Over Someone’s Misplaced But Hilarious Bucket List


Twitter user @scorpiosars was in an Urban Outfitters dressing room one day when she just happened to see a sheet of paper on the floor. Little did she know that that piece of paper would get the internet talking for days.


What she found was a bucket list. And if you’re not familiar on what that is, it’s basically a list of things to do before “kicking the bucket” so to speak. After having her share of laughs, she decided to post a picture of the list on her twitter, and in just a couple of weeks, the post got over 14,000 retweets, and it’s not a mystery why.


See for yourself why this list became viral.

The list is a mix of adult and childish goals, and it’s eerie how relatable it is. We’ve all been there, wanting to do grown up stuff like getting drunk all the time but still wanting to do kid stuff like having a giant balloon fight. It’s obvious that this list was made by a young tween, confused about the changes in her body and her life.


Reading through the list really gives one a sense of nostalgia, as we recall the days when we too had our own goals that seemed so trivial now that we look back at it. What makes the list a step up from your ordinary weirdness is that it’s oddly specific about some of the items on the list.


For one, the items “buy 7 bikinis”  and “make a summer playlist (10 hours long)” beg the question, if the figures were off by just a little, like if she bought 8 bikinis instead of 7, or her playlist was 10 hours and 2 minutes long, does she not get to cross it off?

It turns out that that question was asked by a fellow twitter user, and the amount of likes she got makes it obvious that it was a pretty common question at that.


Of course, a lot more juiciness could be extracted from the list, as a list of various twitter users have found multiple nuances that further the list’s charm. For example, the items  “artsy of July 4th of July” and “get crossfaded 17 times” got people curious, and by the power of the internet, those questions got answered.


But as we go reexamine the list for more tidbits, it becomes apparent that more than half the list is just wishful thinking, proving once and for all that these are just the thoughts of a child going through the next phase of their life.

While the list itself might never be completed due to various problems (such as the amount of money it would take to cross off all the purchasable items being extremely extravagant), it’s not a bad dream to hold on to. Reading the list makes one realize that life is not always going to go “just as planned” and that more often than not, we need to be flexible than be overly fixated on extremely specific goals. But one thing we know for sure is the list has brought a smile to many people, and that we all wish the anonymous author all the best for her hopes and dreams.