If Your Guy Does These 10 Things, Congrats! You Found A REAL Man

There are thousands of men in this place where we literally exist, but there’s only a few of them, which can be relevant to “gold-dust”.

 As we go through searching, waiting, or dating whichever you like, we would somehow want someone that can stand with us amidst uncertainties – a REAL MAN.

 Sure! There’s no such thing as perfect because our attitude and the person we are, is not something written by another nor scripted. Much as I want the fairy-tale movies, may I suggest some realistic guidelines to help you on the go.


If Your Guy Does These 10 Things, Congrats! You Found A REAL Man

And if your guy does these 10 things, congrats! You found a REAL man:

  1. He values your whole being

“A woman needs to be told she is beautiful, valued, and worthwhile”. – Thomas S. Monson

 Nothing feels so comforting about the thought that despite of our imperfections, there’s that person who never missed to look for the best of us. Who knows how to laugh at our old jokes and never get tired of it. A real man cares enough for his woman, and never gives her reasons to forget how much he loves her.

 If Your Guy Does These 10 Things, Congrats! You Found A REAL Man 3

  1. He knows the word RESPECT, not just for YOU but first – his Mother & Sister

Have you come across the web and bumped into this? – “The way a gentleman treats his mother is a pretty indicator of how he will treat his girl”.

 So, if you already met his family and how he interacts with them, then you certainly know what kind of person he is – in the very least.


  1. A hard-working Person

A real man knows his priorities and focus himself on what really matters. You don’t just marry and sit all day long! Since marriage ties up with greater responsibilities, he makes sure that he can provide for your family’s needs. He doesn’t gamble for becoming rich, but he works hard for it. And I can guarantee you, you will never have an empty stomach, you can sleep peacefully at night, and you sure wear your beautiful clothes at work! *wink*


  1. Time and Effort

Though he may get so busy at work, but he will never forget to spend time with you for a date. He will surprise you with a call, picks you up on time (unless of course when an emergency occurs) and makes sure you’re safe when he drives you home. That’s a plus!

 a real man

  1. He’s Direct and Honest

A real man won’t make you hope for something. He will not pretend to be someone he’s not. He’d tell you if he really liked you and invite you for a next date to have the chances of getting to know you more. He’s the kind of person who will not make you expect there is, when there’s not – a chance to work for something between the two of you, but expect him in a polite manner and still gives you the right words because he’s the same person I’m referring to at no. 2.


  1. He considers your opinion & listens

When you talk to him, shares your point, he would recognize that idea and realize that it’s way better than his. He knows how to listen and will weigh out things carefully.

 He’s not Mister Perfect, but at least you know he’s REAL.

 If Your Guy Does These 10 Things, Congrats! You Found A REAL Man 4

  1. Takes you with Pride

I was thinking that, if he marries me, he should be proud of having me, right?

 A real man won’t literally keep you in the house and slaves you everyday. He’ll take you to party and man enough – he’d tell those people around “I have her and I’m one hell of a lucky guy! She’s all I got the most”. He will not be ashamed of what you are because he knows who you are.


  1. A Real Man takes you to bed, but…

Okay! Let’s get to the point. Of course! Making love is a part of your journey together, there’s no question to that especially when you’re a married couple. But there’s always something to be taken consideration. If he’s a real man, he would not just use you for his own desires, but lets you finish your thing – and it’s vice versa.

Some men would actually disregard the need of it from their woman when they’re done on the sheets and leave you with no satisfaction. It’d be totally unfair for you!


  1. Motivates you to be YOUR BEST

A real man will always appreciate you when you look good on that simple dress you wore, but he won’t allow you to become the less kind of person you can be. Instead, he will encourage you to look great and to become a fulfilled woman. He’d support you on your dreams and would be happy for you. He will not have his insecurities over the things that would help you develop your skills & talents. He’s your number one fan!


 10. Remember – A Real Man, Not a Boy

We’re not talking about a boy who refers his every decision to his parents nor someone who can’t make his own decisions as to who he marries, how to manage his bills, or where would he want to work. Let’s cut it! We’re talking about a man – a real man. Who knows how, and when to stand with every decision he makes and take full responsibility of his actions. A kind of man who can be a good influence, not just to the people around him but most importantly for significant others.


So, if you ever found him. Please, keep him and hold on to him! *wink*

If Your Guy Does These 10 Things, Congrats! You Found A REAL Man
By: keycii Basco