If Your Guy Does These 5 Things, He’s An Emotional PSYCHOPATH

Coming across a man who seems to be perfect and an absolutely what you can call is your “dream guy”? Wait a minute! You really should be careful about this because you might fall for someone who’s got something hidden beyond those “perfection” – a psychopath!

And so before ruining your mascara on that one, I guess you should be aware of these 5 things, for you to know that he’s an emotional psychopath!

BEWARE and simply… be aware of these 5 signs:

If Your Guy Does These 5 Things, He's An Emotional PSYCHOPATH 2

  1. He’s a real “attention catcher”

Who would have fallen for someone when on your first look, you’re not even comfortable going out with him? Nobody! That is why psychopaths know how to lure you on to something, make you admire them so much that you may even think you’re one hell of a lucky girl to have this “perfect” man in front of you! It’s one difficult and tricky way to hardly spot one. Well, you still have 4 to go to determine if he’s really an emotional psychopath!

  1. A perfect story teller

Your guy must be one of the best in telling stories, which simply means that he could stitch a real story with his own version of the story. Sometimes, you may go paranoid of something you thought happened (like he’s cheating on you), but he would insist that you’re just making things or ideas in your mind, and that he would even blame you that you’re trying to ruin your relationship, and you got trust issues on him! You start to think if you’re sane enough to really think about that on your partner. You really should be alarmed on this – a real psychopath!

3. Everything is your fault!

An emotional psychopath knows no boundaries on tearing you – emotionally! He always put the blame on you – the reason why he can’t concentrate himself at work, why he was given a ticket on his way home, and why he fails to be really happy. Girl, it’s your fault because as he is so perfect for you and the people around you, you’re one unfortunate to be stupid enough of doing everything so wrong – for him! And he will not accept anything is his fault because he got you and others to put the blame with. Get your ass out – away from him! You really can’t picture yourself 10 years after as someone who achieves enough for herself! Believe me; you’re on the wrong partner.

If Your Guy Does These 5 Things, He's An Emotional PSYCHOPATH

4. So much of being possessive

Your guy doesn’t want you to hang out with friends without him, wondering why? He doesn’t want you talking about him, and how he behaves. He’s being wise as to think in advance the possible ideas you could get from them regarding him – as a psychopath (he got his wits on that). Sometimes, you need others to become sole witness of what’s going on your relationship and will make you realize that you’re sane and he’s not. But of course, he won’t allow that because as much as possible, he doesn’t want you out of his sight and would even convince you how much he loves you and that you could have him, and only him – which you might believe in. Eventually you would think that the only best decision to make is to stay with him (because that’s what he’s trying to feed your mind up) and accept for yourself that you’re simply nothing – without him.

5. The Manipulative Freak

What’s worst about this emotional psychopath is that he will extend so much of his best effort to control everything and put his hands over you (without you even realizing it) – totally! Since he’s the one who manipulates you, then he’s happy to know that he’s your superior and you’re just his prey who will only act according to his pleasure and his needs. He expects you to give your whole self – your dreams, your hopes, your ambition for his sole purpose – him! And when he’s leaving you out of the corner, there’s nothing left to you but just broken pieces. You are now psychologically, emotionally, sexually and spiritually doomed!

Just take my advice: Have some background check on your partner – I don’t guarantee it to be 99% accurate of knowing him but expect to at least know something about him. Best of luck my friends! *wink*

 If Your Guy Does These 5 Things, He’s An Emotional PSYCHOPATH
By: Keycii Basco