Husband Receives the Surprise of His Life During Family Photo Shoot

Few moments stand out to a man more than when he first learns he’s going to be a father during the family photo shoot. For Brandon Dow, 26, this moment will forever be remembered not just as a memory, but immortalized in photographs.

When Brianne Dow, 24, found out that she was expecting their first baby, she decided that she wanted to tell her husband in the most memorable way possible. She contacted their wedding photographer, Samantha Boos, and arranged for a photo shoot that would change her husband’s life forever.

The Wisconsin couple met with Samantha at a park at the beginning of August for what Brandon was told was a couple’s photo shoot, a way for the two to document their early marriage years. Instead, Brianne and Samantha worked together to surprise Brandon with the exciting news. At one point during the photo shoot, the two lovebirds went back-to-back, and each was given a chalkboard and asked to write three words that described the other person.

Brandon opted to write the words: love, cute and sweet on his white chalkboard. Brianne, with a mischievous look on her face, put her finger to her lips for the photos as she wrote the words “You’re going to be a Daddy,” on her own chalkboard. As the two turned around to face one another, Brandon read the chalkboard and became overcome with emotion. With his hand pressed to his mouth, he struggled to keep his composure as he learned that he would soon become a father.

Since then, the photos have gone viral on Facebook, getting over a quarter of a million views and happy comments expressing congratulations for the couple. Brandon and Brianne are excitedly waiting for their new baby, who they lovingly refer to as “Baby Dow,” who is due February 11. Until that day arrives, they are happily preparing for his or her arrival and are excited to find out the $ex of their new little one in September at their ultrasound.


This Article was originally published at American Perspective