How To Grow A Tomato Plant From A Tomato Slice

How To Grow A Tomato Plant From A Tomato Slice


It’s good to have fresh tomatoes grown in our own garden. There is nothing wrong if we buy it from the supermarket, but home grown fresh tomatoes actually tastes better compare to grocery stores.

He Puts 4 Slices Of Tomato In A Pot With Soil. This Seems Strange, but 10 Days Later I Can't Believe it


Though it’s easy to buy tomatoes in the supermarket because it’s cheap and have more supplies,it will ripe faster compared to other fruits or veges in your fridge. But don’t throw them away because you can still use it! How? What if I told you that you do not need to buy seeds to grow your own tomatoes? Those ripe tomatoes you have there can be a good source to plant new fresh tomatoes. No kidding! By slicing those ripe tomatoes, you are giving the new tomatoes a possible chance to survive.

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All you need to do is to get that ripe tomatoes you suppose to throw away, and slice those in to 4 slices. Put them on a pot covered with soil and water it sporadically. Do this for up to 10 days,and you will be amazed how it turned out.


Checkout this video for more excellent method for starting tomatoes!

video by: ThewannabeHomesteader

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