Doctors Give Boy 3 Days To Live, Recovers After Mother Gives Him THIS

Doctors Give Boy 3 Days To Live, Recovers After Mother Gives Him THIS

Doctors Give Boy 3 Days To Live, Recovers After Mother Gives Him THIS

Death is an unavoidable part of life. One might think that if they accept that fact, they might be more prepared for the emotional shock that comes with losing a loved one. However, no matter how prepared you are, nothing will ever dull the pain that comes from learning that someone you love might soon be gone forever.


That is exactly what happened to Callie Blackwell, a mother living in the UK, when she learned that her son who had battled cancer for four years only had 3 days left of his life.


Deryn Blackwell has been fighting against his leukemia since the very young age of 10. At that age the hardest problems most of us had back then seem trivial to his situation at that age. He had undergone four gruesome bone marrow transplants.


Finally, the last bone marrow transplant succeeded in defeating the leukemia in Deryn’s body, but he was left morbidly ill because his fragile immune system could not fight off the infection that he got from his extended stay in the hospital.


Callie recalls being told by the doctors that the only thing that kept her son alive were the antibiotics administered to him.


For a young boy, Deryn showed maturity unbefitting his age, as he was already coming to grips with his passing, and even laying out plans for the time he leaves this world.


However, his mother did not lose hope. In a desperate pitch to save her son’s life, she tirelessly sought ways to cure her baby boy of his illness. At last, she willed herself to give her son an illegal substance, cannabis. The doctors advised her not to do this, since the cancer had already left her son’s body, and therefore would be a waste of time.

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Begrudgingly, Callie follows the doctors’ advice. Combatting emotion after emotion while she stuck by her son’s side during his hospice care, she remembered that there was a cannabis-based painkiller that was fairly popular in Europe, Bedrocan.


However, she did not jump to using it at once. She first consulted with her doctors if this was a wise thing to do. But they advised against it since it was not a drug that was supposedly meant for children.


This time she decided to act on her instinct instead of listening to the doctors’ advice. Since she thought that her son did not have long to live anyway, she might as well do anything she can to help him. After acquiring some cannabis and converting it into liquid form, she gave it to her poor son.


Although the small amount that she used did not have cannabidiol or THC oil, both known for their anti-cancer properties, the effect of what she gave her son was more than what she bargained for.


After an hour of taking the cannabis, the emotional well-being of her son was improved drastically. Deryn was no longer as anxious and morbid as he was; instead he was calm and quite well-adjusted.


That pales in contrast with the physical improvement Deryn experienced however, as his condition had drastically changed for the better. Specifically, his white blood cell count had risen significantly.


Although Callie was quite taken aback by the result of her daringness, the doctors were even more shocked by this unexpected result. Callie recalls seeing the doctors frantically trying to take more tests.


Callie decided to take one more step of faith to prove that her treatment did work. She decided to stop giving her son cannabis for a short temporary time – and the result was what she expected. Her son’s white blood cell count did begin to drop.


Callie is still quite sure that cannabis did not stop her son’s cancer, but she is nevertheless brave and doubtless about the improvements it did to her precious child.

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