7 Signs You’re Still Not Over Your Ex

Every heartbreak is painful, especially when you realized that you are not over with your ex. Most of us have been on this kind of situation, convincing yourself that you’ve moved on and yet seeing your ex flirting with someone else makes you feel uneasy like your heart was being crushed and you kept on denying it.

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For whatever reason, we need to accept the fact that you both came to an end and needed to be on separate ways. Pulling yourself together after waking up from a long deep, sleep of despair and depression is a first step of moving on. Here are signs you are still not over your ex:



1. Unfriending / Blocking your ex on Facebook after a break-up but still stalking his Facebook account using different profiles

A very common actions after a break up is unfriending/blocking him on your Facebook account. Psychology says, that this kind of action shows you may be feeling bitter. You may want to unfriend him for the reason to forget him, but stalking his Facebook account, sending him/ her messages or convincing your ex that  he/she’s making the wrong move breaking up with you — using different profiles is a sign you are not over with your ex. Why unfriending him / her if you still want to see your ex back? Stop doing that! You’re being bitter! Move on ! Divert yourself,chat with your friends, listen to music, there are lots to search on Facebook you surely enjoy.


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2. You are telling your friends you moved on and you are happy being single

You don’t need to tell it to the world that you finally moved on and free. You do not need to keep telling to your friends all about your ex and nothing else.  Denial is a stage in which you are trying to hide your true feelings and emotions that there is a place in your heart for your ex to come back.



new relationship

3. Having a new relationship with other people weeks after a break up

Relationship sometimes come and go. When break up occurs, another one comes in, but if you are having a new relationship so quickly and doing it on PDA ( Public Display of Affection ), it’s an obvious sign that you are definitely not over with your ex and you cannot accept your break up, so you are opening yourself for a new relationship to make him/her feel jealous but in the end, you are the one who will end up pathetic. Dealing break ups seriously take months and some takes over a year/s to finally tell a person she moved on.



4. Going to public places or doing things he usually do

You love to keep doing things that make you remember about him. You remember things like your first date, the place you both love to stay or visit. You kept remembering his favorite food, his hobby or even his favorite perfume. It’s hard to think that the person you always spend most of your time isn’t there anymore. But whatever reasons may be, accept it that he isn’t coming back.




5. You are still asking your ex’s friend his new number

Once a bad break up occurs, you need to stop all of your communications, it’s one way to help you move on. You may feel something has changed, but it’s totally normal if you are feeling that way. Holding yourself from the truth will make your recovery process worse. Knowing your ex’s number and texting him right away is one thing you SHOULD NEVER do. You must learn how to move on with your life without him texting or calling you around.



6. You still feel something is missing despite of your busy schedules

You are busy diverting yourself from your new activities, or your work you really enjoy, but you still feel something’s not right or something’s missing. You might be enjoying or hanging out with your friends but your memories of him still on your mind. Psychology says, that distracting yourself from your real problems and negative feelings helps you feel and think better. A person who enters a relationship must be aware that there are possible risks that your relationship won’t stay forever, so you need to give yourself time and importance.





7. Your Facebook status are mostly sad.

When checking your Facebook, you started to read love quote pages, love quiz, love calculator or even posting emo statuses. In my previous article, one thing you should never do on Facebook is posting depressed statuses since it won’t make you feel better,but probably makes you become bitter.

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Do you think you’re not over with your ex? Do you still keep on denying it? Share your experience thru comments below: