6 Unmistakable Signs Your Man Isn’t Faithful

If cheating is such a horrendous act, then why do we do it? Is it just an inherent part of who we are? If so, one might think, is monogamy really what humans were destined to do?

Sadly, in a strictly biological point of view, monogamy is a very strange thing. The facts are:

Jane Lancaster, an expert on evolutionary anthropology theorizes that monogamy between parents may have been founded just for the sake of their children.

From an evolutionary point of view, men cheat because they are programmed to “spread their seed” because they want their genes to propagate well around the world. In fact in the history of humankind, it has been noted that only the strongest males get to pass on their genes by having access to the most supple mates.

Of all the mammal species out there, only about 3-5% engage in monogamy, the rest are out there humping whoever they find.

Now that we’ve dealt with all the scientific mumbo jumbo about cheating, it still doesn’t change the fact that being cheated on does hurt alot.

So how do you find out if your man isn’t being faithful?

There are a few signs that are very indicative that your man might not be yours alone anymore. If your instincts are telling you that something’s off, it could be on the money, but don’t jump to conclusions just yet. Look for other signs like:


* He’s married to his phone

If he suddenly pays alot more attention to his phone, or any type of multimedia device for that matter, that could be enough to raise suspicions that he might be into someone else.


* He doesn’t show you his phone

Obviously a clear sign he’s hiding something from you, but even if he does give you his phone, check his reaction every time you do something with it. If you look through his phone’s gallery or his net history and he gets a bit antsy or defensive, you know something’s not right.


* He erases his net history

Although not really a good sign that he’s cheating, since he might be hiding something else like some weird fad he’s into, it could still be a sign that you should keep a close eye on him from now on.


* Caught in the act of lying

If your catch your man lying about where he was, who he was with or what he was doing, that’s a red flag. Unless your man is doing a big romantic gesture, he has no right to be lying to your face.


* Changes his interests

If one minute he’s so into you that you have to pry him off, the next he’s practically in another dimension, it could be a sign that he’s found someone else.


* He thinks you’re the bad guy

If out of the blue he accuses you of cheating, it’s definitely a red flag. Psychologically speaking, a person would only suspect irrationally if they themselves want or have done it themselves.


There’s no two ways about it, cheating hurts. But we have to ask ourselves, why do we, as a species that reveres monogamy so much, cheat?