10 Signs He’s Really Not into A Relationship

10 Signs He’s Really Not into A Relationship

Ever wonder if the man you’re dating is serious with you and that he’s ready to be hooked-up? Or just a random guy who only wants you for his “bed-sheets”?

 Here are 10 signs that may be of great help for you to determine if he’s the right one for a relationship thing or he’s just one good hell of a smooth-talker!


 10 Signs He’s Really Not into A Relationship


  • The Booty Call

They say that the last person on your mind before you go to sleep is probably the person you love, and you go crazy over a simple text that says “Hey! Still up?” Check your time, is it late night or past 12? Beware because that’s not just a simple coincidence, but it may be an invitation of something “dirty”.


  • A date is just its frontal

Okay. Most of these kind of men, to the very least know how to invite you for a date but doesn’t appear to be very gentle. Why? He’s not willing to pay alone for that order you made & that you really have to split the bill. And while he’s NOT in a serious relationship with you, expect him to be very aggressive during conversations and may even bring you to places where he can start being touchy and get what he really wants!


  • Dirty Conversations

What do you expect from someone who’s eager to drive you on? Yes! They don’t care less as to how you’d feel (because you might think that it’s simply part of it being a man). No serious and decent talks? C’mon! You deserve so much even simple yet smooth conversation will do, but he’s not that type. He’s one hell of a douchebag!

 10 Signs He’s Really Not into A Relationship 2

  • Bunch of Alibis

You may want to see him because you already miss him and you haven’t seen him in a while, so you called him up and got no answer, even a reply of your texts would be hard for him. And almost giving up, he surprised you with a call and invited you in his pad, as if “you’ll be having a dinner together” with that beautiful rose on the table. How sweet of him, huh? Oh wait! He has prepared you the bunch of alibis why he wasn’t able to contact you the past few days. You were even convinced!



  • He doesn’t introduce you to family/ friends

Because he’s his own master in #4 then he could probably tell you where his families are or the kind of friends he has. Sure! They’re busy for some family business and they’re not really the kind to have close family ties – you know the gap! And you even believe that? *eyes rolling*


You meet his friends along the highway where he picked you up for your “dinner” and you heard them saying “Hey! Is that her?” And he starts telling you stuffs like “Never mind about them. I just get to tell them how great you are and that they’re bunch of idiots, which of course, the reason why I don’t want you to meet them”. Please, slap that perv!


  • No Sleepovers

A guy who makes sure you don’t forget anything even the tiny detail inside your bag and is in a hurry to make you leave, probably doesn’t want you to come over if he doesn’t want you to.


For your information, sleeping in bed together (in most cases) even without doing sex is a nice and comforting way to spend time with your partner and get attached, but if he’s not this kind, then he just simply wants you for one thing and not for a serious relationship!


  • Physical Observation

Your “boyfriend” if that’s what you call is so observant on your physical appearance and gives you compliments like “You’re hot” and with malice on that look instead of “You’re beautiful”, whispers on your ears and tells you things very blatantly, or else “You sure to be ready later baby” – that’s all he can give you. He can’t appreciate those simple gestures you showed him, that sense of humor you got, and the movie you told him lately. He can’t stand your dramas over a love story because he’s not willing to understand you. Accept it – serious relationship is not his thing.


  • He’s got no plans at all

No matter what or how will it appear one day, but a guy who’s serious with you right from the start will eventually share his thoughts and plans with you on the future or on an activity that he wants you to get involved with his family or friends.

And if you suspected your man fits on the reasons above, try asking what are his plans for the both of you. And on his answer, you’d probably know where you stand on his life. But if it’s hard for him, just leave. He’s not ready to be serious yet. 


  • He shows no interest on your family and friends

Oh well, he’s just good on kissing and making sex with you every time he wants, but he’s not interested about your brother who’s got the same interest of him on football or pays attention to what you’re murmuring the whole day about your work. Girlfriend, please know this – you’re better off without him!


  • A Cheater with no considerations on the side

You actually saw his phone rang and because he’s busy with you doing his thing, he cancelled the call and would tell you later “that’s a random girl I met at the party of a friend”. Wow! Just W-O-W! You even wonder how long could you stay together just by literally watching a movie? Not even an hour?! And he’s got this “tired aura”, headache, and etc. Now, that’s something. You’re probably screwed!


Now that you know these signs, get your ass out, away from him and may he get a life on it! ***

10 Signs He’s Really Not into A Relationship

By: Keycii Basco