10 Most Dangerous Phrases That Could Ruin Your Relationship

Phrases: they can be short and easy to express, but words are powerful, they can cut and  heal you. When you start dating someone, you should be on your best behavior and be truly careful in what you say. Couple who has been in a relationship for a long time gets comfortable to express in what they feel. And because of this, there is  a big possibility that they can become insensitive when talking to their partner. So to be aware of that, here are the 10 most dangerous phrases that may cause an irreparable damage to your relationship.



  1.  “I’m fine.”

Your behavior changes, you won’t talk first. When asked what’s wrong and you said nothing “I’m fine.”? Nope. I don’t think so. Stop lying, it’s obvious you are not fine.


  1. “Are you sure you want to eat that?”

Why the heck am I ordering this if I won’t eat it?


  1. “Let’s split the bill.”

I am not saying that splitting the bill during dates is a bad idea. What I am trying to say is that during the first date, whoever should ask the date, should be the one who pays. But once you hit the past three to four dates, it’s okay to start splitting the bill. It’s really awkward asking for a first date, then excuse yourself to the bathroom after the meal is done and the plates have been cleared. Or telling your date you don’t have enough money to pay for the bill.


  1. “If you really loved me, you’d…” 

Never let her/him feel pressure while being in a relationship with you, it’s suffocating. Never ask your partner to do things they don’t want to do just to prove his/her love to you. Instead of manipulating your partner, be more transparent and vulnerable to what you want to say.


  1.  “Oh, really? YOU’RE tired from work?”

Nothing feels exhausted coming home from work, then your partner starts yelling when you just try to take a nap. Remember, his/her career can also make a big impact on your future and that’s what most people do for a living. So never try to belittle your partner’s career, you should be supportive instead.


  1. ” You have a sexy friend! “

Seriously? You’re saying that in front of my face?


  1. ” I will lock the door if you come home late or past __ o’clock “

Seriously? Are you truly his/her partner? Relationships won’t work if only one is making all the decisions. And don’t you EVER give curfews to your partner, he/she is not living in a military camp, he/she is living with the love of his/her life.


  1. ” I don’t believe You “

If you can’t trust your partner, you probably shouldn’t be dating.


  1. ” My  EX before used to… “

Stop! You are in a relationship right now, I mean right now, your  present! Ex is an Ex. EXperienced. EXpired, now EXit in my life.


  10 . ” K “

The best response when you texted someone is: K. Are you Kidding?  It the most irritating text response ever!  if you’re sending someone a “K” text, they’re in deep shit and you want them to know it.