Teenager Makes Teacher’s Life Hell – Dad’s Masterful Punishment Makes All Parents Fold With Laughter

Teenager Makes Teacher’s Life Hell – Dad’s Masterful Punishment Makes All Parents Fold With Laughter

As we go through our lives, it is definitely unavoidable that we will have embarrassing stuff that we’ll have to endure. It could be a prank from a friend, it could be your own fault because you weren’t careful enough, it could even come from someone that we never believed for one second would put us in an embarrassing situation.


If you think of people that are the least and most likely to embarrass us, our parents seem to come into both categories. Since they’re our parents, of course it would be natural to think that they would never put us in a compromising situation.


But lately it seems that parents are the common factor in any embarrassing story we come across nowadays.

Take for example the story of a 17-year-old boy that lives in Texas. He was acting out at school, and his dad was worried that his son might develop bad habits.

So he came up with a masterful punishment that would definitely blow the mind of any teenager out there.

Bradley Howard Jr.’s teachers were getting more and more irritated that the student always seemed to speak too much during class. Brad stated in his defense to Buzzfeed that he loved to talk alot.

His teachers would constantly email his father about it. So his dad thought of a masterful punishment his son would definitely remember for a long, long time.

Before he dished out his masterful punishment to his son, however, he told him that if he ever got a call from his teachers about his misbehavior again, he would go to his school and sit beside his son in class.


Brad did not take heed to his father’s words however; words that would put a chill down the spine of any teenager who actually cares about their reputation.

Brad continued to talk during class, so his teacher called Brad’s father one more time.

Unfortunately for Brad, his father was a man of his word.

He went inside his classroom one day, completely unaware that his own father was actually sitting beside where he would sit in class.


Brad said “I didn’t even notice him until after I had said hi to all of my friends, but I was super shocked”.


The class got a good laugh out of Brad’s suffering from his Dad’s masterful punishment that day, and his younger sister Molli Howard decided to deliver the final blow.


She posted the hilarious picture on Twitter and captioned it with “My dad told my brother if he got another call from the physics teacher complaining he would go sit in his class…dad got another call”


Brad’s mother, Denise Howard commented on her daughter’s now viral post, saying that even though the Howard men are now famous, and they got a good kick out of what happened, they really hoped that they do not get any more calls from Brad’s teachers complaining that he was interrupting class again.

Say what you will about your parents, they might embarrass you, disagree or be strict with you, in the end everything they do, they do it with the best intention for you.

Just hope that your parents never get the idea to come up with a masterful punishment like Brad’s Dad did.

Watch the video below to see the report for yourself.