Want To Lose Weight? Take The 28-day “Planking Challenge” And See The Results!

Want To Lose Weight? Take The 28-day “Planking Challenge” And See The Results!


A good exercise and healthy diet can help you lose weight if done properly. What’s great about this is that it is fun while losing calories at the same time. There are different kinds of exercise we can do, we can dance, run, push-ups, sit-ups and planking.  This may sound too good to be true, but doing plank can actually help you lose weight.  Women Daily made a 28 day planking challenge to all individuals who’s been struggling to lose weight. They said that doing these challenge and proper diet can actually help tone your muscles and achieve a supermodel body.

Want To Lose Weight Take The 28day Planking Challenge And See The Results

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“Endurance” is one of the most efficient exercises for toning your body. These exercises melt fat and strengthen the muscles on your back, stomach, butt, arms and legs.


Day 1-20 seconds 
Day 2-20 seconds 
Day 3-30 seconds 
Day 4-30 seconds 
Day 5-40 seconds 
Day 6 – rest 
day 7-45 seconds 
Day 8-45 seconds 
Day 9-60 seconds 
Day 10-60 seconds 
Day 11-60 seconds 
Day 12-90 seconds 
Day 13 – rest 
Day 14-90 seconds


Day 15-90 seconds 
Day 16-120 seconds 
Day 17-120 seconds 
Day 18-150 seconds 
Day 19 – calm 
day 20-150 seconds 
Day 21-150 seconds 
Day 22-180 seconds 
Day 23-180 seconds 
Day 24-210 seconds 
Day 25 – rest 
day 26-210 seconds 
Day 27-240 seconds 
Day 28 – as long as you can


How to Plank: