8 Strange Things People Experience While Sleeping

8 Strange Things People Experience While Sleeping

Sometimes, the strangest things happen not while you’re up and being active, but when you’re just lying on your bed, resting your weary body.

Here are 8 odd things that can happen to you while you sleep.


  1. Sleep Talking

 If you’ve ever woken up to your spouse being angry at you, it might be because you accidentally told her about the time you used her toothbrush to clean the drain while you were asleep. There are many suspected reasons for talking in your sleep, but the main cause seems to be due to stress, usually brought on by a guilty conscience. According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep talking is more common in men and children.


  1. Dreaming In A Dream

What’s stranger than having a dream? Having a dream inside that dream! It’s one of the oddest sensations, when you wake up from a dream only to find your alarm clock is a cow and your bed has turned into cottage cheese. Turns out you just dreamt that you woke up. No one really knows why this happens, but in my own personal opinion, it might be due to an overly active imagination.


  1. Sleep Paralysis

This particular experience is one of the most frightening things that can happen to you while you sleep. This happens during the Rapid Eye Movement phase of your sleep, when your body has been completely immobilized to prevent injury during your sleep but your brain is still wide awake. As if being unable to move was bad enough, the brain at this stage becomes very imaginative, causing strange figures to appear in your vision, ranging from odd like pizza slices that talk to terrifying like long nailed demons that sit on your chest while they stare at you.

You better hope you aren’t part of the 7% of the world’s population that experiences this kind of phenomenon.

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  1. Sleepwalking

On the other hand, sleepwalking is the complete opposite of sleep paralysis. This happens when the body fails to enter the state of paralysis needed to make sure it doesn’t hurt itself during vivid dreams. While the person is completely unconscious, the sleepwalker’s body is free to move around, usually reacting to the events happening in the person’s dreams. What’s odd is that most of the time, the sleepwalker won’t remember a thing when they awake. Although less scary than sleep paralysis, sleep walking has caused a lot of people minor to major injuries, ranging from banging your head on your refrigerator door to jumping out of a window. The cause of sleep walking is still unknown.


  1. Recurring Dreams

Ever had a dream continue itself 2 months after you wrote it down one night on your dream journal? While it’s more common for people to forget their dreams as soon as they wake up, recurring dreams stay with the dreamer for long stretches of time.

Recurring dreams continue their story either during consecutive nights or even after a year has passed since the first dream. The number one cause for having these dreams might be because the brain is trying to remind us of a detail or problem in our life that we need to focus on, and until the situation is fixed, the dreamer will continue to have the same dream over and over again.


  1. Falling Onto The Bed

If you ever had a dream about flying or falling, you have also most likely woken up with a sudden jolt as if you really hit the ground. This happens due to the brain feeling genuine fear of the fall in your dream. It then sends signals to your muscles to brace for the impact and that’s what shocks you awake.


  1. Sleep Enlightenment

Do you have a problem you just can’t seem to solve, no matter how hard you try? Take a break and sleep. Due to this sleep-induced clarity, chances are you’ll wake up with the answer to your problem.

The reason for this is because during sleep, your subconscious is in control. All small details you observe but neglect when you’re awake are usually kept in the subconscious. When you’re asleep, you have full access to these without the distractions of new information being received when you’re conscious. This is the brain’s way of making you aware of these details that would help you in your problem-solving.

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  1. Out-of-Body Experience

If you’ve ever “woken up” to see yourself lying on your bed fast asleep, chances are you’ve just had an Out-of-Body Experience (or OBE for short). It’s the sensation of leaving your physical body to wander around your surroundings as some sort of “ghost”. According to scientific claims, this is usually just an illusion your mind creates by recreating the scene of your bedroom with what you would normally look like sleeping on your bed, but some have claimed to be able to move around their house and even to other places while experiencing an OBE.

A reddit user shares his story of how his friend, who claimed to be able to do OBEs at will, was able to “go” to his house to read what he wrote on a piece of paper while they were both sleeping. As to whether these kinds of stories are real and why OBEs happen is still anyone’s guess.