Father Took A Photo With His Son For 28 years,But The Last One Might Bring You To Tears.


Father Took A Photo With His Son For 28 years,But The Last One Might Bring You To Tears.

We all have a journey we are going through right now. Every step, every mode, and every decision we make is going to make the life that you build, the life that you deserve. And for the most of us, we make good decisions that eventually lead to great results.


Yet we do not have that decision making process just by stumbling into it. No. We had alot of guidance, or experiences, that helped us shaped and mold who we are today; no matter who you are right now.


Our families are, if you compare our life’s growth to a tree, our roots. They are our base, the ones that hold us firmly when the winds of life get too strong. They are what give us nourishment not only by nutritional means, but also psychological and emotional ones as well.


Lastly, they give are always the part of us that remain stubbornly alive even if the rest of us is withered and dead inside.


Sadly, that is not always the case. There are some of us who have families that do not really foster our growth. And for some of us, there are those family members that not only hinder our growth but also abuse them as well.


That is why, if you have been blessed with a family that cares for you, loves you and cherishes you, you should consider yourself to be the luckiest person on earth.


Even if they have flaws that do not make sense, you should still remain thankful.

Take for example this dad – son combo. I remember my own dad and I used to have bonding moments whenever he would take me to work, or if we had to do a chore that my mother would assign us to do together.


This duo decided to take a picture of themselves yearly. For 28 straight years.

This unlikely family tradition might seem strange to you, but in this era where creativity and originality thrive like wildfire, this seem commonplace to most.


The tradition might seem like a normal idea at first, but the pictures themselves speak volumes about the growth the father and son had, as well as the bond that developed yearly between the dad and the son.


The pictures the dad and son took yearly can be viewed below.

The last dad and son yearly picture will definitely take you by surprise. I know that’s what it did to me.

more images via davko


The pictures definitely show the joy and the bond these two have had throughout the years. Not only that, they also bring about nostalgia to the viewer; I bet that even some of you viewing this article right now are quietly thinking about your own parents.


The last picture definitely is the result of the good upbringing of the father and the son’s willingness to not only continue their bloodline, but also to give his father great joy by giving him a grandson. You can definitely see the father, or rather grandfather’s, satisfaction at how their relationship has grown into.


That’s why it might be a very good idea to get together with your dad or mum, or any family member that you hold dear, and make some memories while you can; it might not be as original as a dad and son yearly picture taking, as long as it creates a stronger bond between all of you in the end.


After all, life’s success is not measured by earthly possessions, but rather the memories and the feelings you left behind when your time finally comes.