Drugs That Can Harm Your Kidneys

Drugs That Can Harm Your Kidneys

At some point in our life, we have to take medications. Whether it be just to maintain our health, prevent a disease or to treat the symptoms of one, we will have to pop a pill or syrup someday. And for the most part, they do more good than harm. But sometimes, harmful effects can happen if we are not careful enough.


Any meds taken into the body is excreted through the kidney. And it’s this vital organ that is the most susceptible to receive any harm from medications.


To help you avoid any harm that may come to your kidneys, here are some medications that, if not taken properly, are commonly associated with harming them:



Bad news to alcoholics out there; alcohol, aside from doing devastating amounts of damage to your liver will also harm your kidneys considerably. Alcohol is full of chemicals that can do not belong in our bodies, and when they pass though your kidneys, they alter their functioning for the worse. If the ability of your kidneys to filter waste is harmed, then there will be further complications.


Illegal Drugs

Unsurprisingly, illegal recreational drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and ecstasy can do harm your kidneys massively. Although their temporary effects are pleasurable, do not be fooled; they wreak havoc not just on your kidneys but to your entire body as well. They have been known to cause heart failure, increased blood pressure and decreased cognitive function.


Contrast Dye

To help diagnose problems with your body, scientists have come up with many procedures to give an accurate picture of what’s going on in your body. These tests are common nowadays, like CT-scans and MRIs. Some tests require that a substance called a contrast dye is injected into the patient’s blood stream to give an accurate picture. However, these dyes can sometimes harm your kidneys, albeit very rarely.

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Prescribed Laxatives

The reason why some medications can be bought without a prescription is because they are considered safe for anyone to use, as long as the proper dose and timing is observed. However, there are some over the counter drugs that can still carry a risk of harming your kidneys.

Laxatives are one of those medications. This is because some of them contain phosphate, and when they go through our kidneys, they may form phosphate crystals that will lead to harm to your kidneys.



In contrast to over the counter drugs, antibiotics generally need a prescription from your doctor for you to buy them from a pharmacy. And this is for good reason, because if you take antibiotics without proper consultation, you could end up harming your kidneys. People who suffer from kidney problems should definitely talk to their doctor first before buying any antibiotics.


To help you avoid harming your kidneys, there are a lot of ways you can do. Some ways are:

  • Check with your trusted doctor before taking any medications.
  • Do not take medications without their proper consent.
  • If you are going to undergo procedures that involve contrast dyes, tell your health care provider if you have any kidney problems
  • If you are suspicious of any medicine you have to take, check with your doctor if it is alright
  • Do not take medications that are given to you by trust people or worse, strangers
  • Do not drink alcohol, if you need to drink it, drink moderately.


As with any part of our body, your kidneys should not be harmed as much as possible. Our health is precious because without it, we have nothing. That is why we must take every measure to preserve it.