A 12 Hour Rescue Operation Begins as Navy Spots A Drowning Animal In The Water

A 12 Hour Rescue Operation Begins as Navy Spots A Drowning Animal In The Water


On the 11th of July, wildlife rescue teams and navy divers collaborated with each other to rescue an elephant who was almost drowning in the ocean nearly 10 miles away from Sri Lanka’s shores.

During a scheduled patrol Kokkilai, located northeast of the country’s coast, a few naval troops saw the large mammal thrashing about trying to keep himself above water. According to a researcher with an affiliation to an area conservation group, Asian elephants are normally very good at swimming, so it is not unusual to see one enjoying a little swim break in the ocean.


However, the elephant in question – who was given the name of Alliya Plodder – was most likely stranded in ocean after a large wave caught it as it was attempting to cross a lagoon by swimming.

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Avinash Krishnan, the aforementioned researcher, states, “Because elephants spend a lot of energy, they can’t swim for long periods of time.”


As the patrol boat sent out a call for support, more naval vessels were dispatched to assist the wildlife officials guide the divers through the rescue operation that lasted a whole 12 hours.

The divers were able to tether ropes around the animal’s neck which were connected to a boat and then the elephant was slowly pulled back to the coast and given to the wildlife officers.


The video below highlights the unbelievable events and determination of the rescuers! Watch it and share!

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