Watch: Baby Cries While Ariana Grande Sings At Manchester One Love Concert

Watch: Baby Cries While Ariana Grande Sings At Manchester One Love Concert

Unfortunately in this world, where there is peace and good will, there always lurks the threat of evil and war.

Take for example the Manchester Arena terrorist attack that happened on May 22, 2017. American singer and pop icon Ariana Grande was performing there when a shrapnel-laden homemade bomb exploded at the exit of the venue when the show was over.

The blast injured 119 people, 23 of which suffered critical wounds. Twenty – three people were also killed, which included the attacker.

The bomb was detonated by British Muslim Salman Ramadan Abedi. He was initially thought of to be working for a terrorist network, but after careful investigation, it was confirmed that the act of terror was of his own will.

Although this act of terror was supposed to sow hatred and fear into the hearts of those affected, surprisingly the results were the complete opposite of what was intended.

Many politicians, including the queen herself expressed their sympathy for all those whose lives were affected by the attack. Worldwide leaders expressed their condolences to those who lost their loved ones.

Social media was absolutely buzzing with their prayers and thoughts for the victims of the attack. One tweet from Ariana Grande, who thankfully made it out of the concert shook up but otherwise alright, read “broken, from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry. I don’t have words.”

After the attack many feats of heroism were observed from people who witnessed the attack and saw that people needed their aid. A homeless man outside of the venue reportedly went against the instinct to run away from the bast and instead rushed to the aid of those who needed him.

Then there’s Paula Robinson, who went and sheperded dozens of scared children to safety after the blast happened.

In an effort to show the world that acts of terrorism are never enough to stop the human spirit, Ariana Grande, along with high profile singers held a benefit concert to raise money for the victims of the attack.

The concert was broadcast for viewers all over the world. When Ariana started singing “Somewhere over the rainbow” one particular viewer got the attention of people all over the world.

A baby was filmed crying when the song was being sung by the pop icon. It truly testifies to the power that music has when a baby who cannot understand the lyrics of the song still cried from the emotion that was expressed from it.

Watch the video below to see the baby’s reaction to the song:


Netizens from all over the world also expressed their own emotions after seeing the video of the baby as well.

In the times that we live in today, even if the world were to go upside down in an instant, we must always remember the values and the virtues that made us human in the first place. Even if malevolent people and their actions frighten and anger you, if a baby can tear up without fully understand what the song actually meant, it just proves to show you that we are fundamentally good inside.