9 Benefits of Ginger That You Didn’t Know About. No. 6 Is Insane!

9 Benefits of Ginger That You Didn’t Know About. No. 6 Is Insane!


Everybody loves to eat, may be because eating is one of the most basic instinct that every one of us has to survive. Eating is one of the core needs that no one could or should ever deprive.  We all want to eat delicious foods and taste different delicacies. In fact, many of the people are aspiring to become great chefs and dreamed of experiencing and learning different recipes each of different countries has.

9 Benefits of Ginger That You Didn't Know About. No. 5 Is Insane!


One of the important ingredients that could make food taste so good is the spices. But did you know that spices doesn’t only make our food taste perfectly good but it also has its different uses that most of us doesn’t know yet. Let’s take for example a ginger, a ginger when eaten alone may not taste good or may even taste awful, but if properly combined with the right ingredients and mixed with the right recipes to make a tasty food it can really make a difference. Ginger is a worldwide known plant. It is also one of the most used in our daily living helping us in countless ways. It is a flowering plant that is consisted in plentiful different kind of vitamins and nutrients that helps us in keeping our body strong and healthy. Due to its unique taste, ginger is also one of the popular spices that are used for cooking. But ginger doesn’t only help food taste good, it also has its other important uses that most of us are unfamiliar with and here are some of them:


Ginger as a Folk Medicine

1.Remedy for colds and nasal congestion

A warm ginger tea is best in relieving colds and nasal congestion during cold weather.  Due to its richness in vitamin c and other nutrients, it helps boost our body’s immune system therefore giving a better chance of fighting off harmful viruses and bacteria that tend to invade our body. To make a ginger tea, mix 4-6 thinly sliced ginger in to 2 cups of water and boil for 15-20 minutes. Add 1-2 tablespoons of honey to taste.


2.Remedy for constipation, abdominal discomfort or cramps, flatulence, and diarrhea

A warm ginger tea can also be helpful in relieving gastrointestinal problems. Because ginger is also a fibrous and gas expelling plant it can help in relieving constipation, and flatulence. Drinking a ginger tea may also help our tummy feel warm thus relieving abdominal discomfort and relax the cramps. Due to its natural anti-bacterial effect, a ginger tea may also relieve diarrhea by eliminating its causes.

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3.For Cuts and Scrapes

A thinly sliced ginger may be used to disinfect wound by applying it directly to the affected area before bandaging it.


4.For warts and other fungal infections

Ginger can also help in the treatment of warts and other fungal infections because ginger also has its anti-fungal effect. For warts, apply a thinly sliced ginger on the affected area and bandage it overnight. Repeat the process every night until peeling off or softening of the wart can be observed and may be eventually manually peeled off. For fungal infections especially on the foot, boil ginger in a basin of water for 10-20 minutes. Wait for the water to cool off, check the water using your elbow if it is already cool enough to soak your foot. Remember that a luke warm ginger water is needed, then soak your foot for 15-20 minutes and repeat process every day until fungal infections are observed to be treated.

9 Benefits of Ginger That You Didn't Know About. No. 5 Is Insane! 2

5.Muscle ache and muscle fatigue

Muscle aches and muscle fatigue can be relieved by applying ginger oil on the affected area. It is known that ginger oil helps muscle aches and fatigue due to its soothing and relaxing effect on the muscles. To make ginger oil, mix an inch of thinly sliced ginger into a cup of olive oil then add 10 dried rose buds and boil for 20-30 minutes in low heat.


6.Ginger as a Beauty Secret

For acne, blemishes, and age spots

Apply fresh ginger juice to the desired area and leave it to linger for a couple of minutes and wash off with clean warm water. Repeat process daily.


7.For wrinkles

It is also known, though still doesn’t have a scientific proof that a ginger tea helps keep your wrinkles away.


8.For Hair moisture, hair loss, and hair growth

Apply ginger oil to the hair and scalp thoroughly after shampooing and apply soft massage to facilitate absorption. Leave it for 15-20 minutes then wash off with clean water. Repeat process every 2-3 days a week.


9.For brighter and healthier skin

When bathing, apply ginger oil together with a lemon zest and grated ginger and use it as a body scrub. This process helps by removing dead cells and dead skin in your body thus making your skin healthy and younger.