7 Signs The Guy You Love Is Actually Playing You For A Fool


7 Signs The Guy You Love Is Actually Playing You For A Fool

7 Signs The Guy You Love Is Actually Playing You For A Fool

Relationships are a tricky thing. It requires two people that not only really love each other, but also are fully invested in making things work. It requires time, tremendous effort, and sacrifice.

But sometimes, even if the girl is trying her best to make it work, the guy might not be doing the same. And more often than not, that usually is the case in today’s relationships.

So if you suspect that your man is not meeting you in the middle, stay calm and think rationally. There are ways that you can check if he is still invested in your relationship that do not involve hostile confrontation.


The Escape Plan

You might have had a situation when you are spending time with your guy, but all of a sudden he gets a call or a text either from work or his family that he needs to act on immediately.

And most of the time it’s genuine. But if your man’s work isn’t that prone to emergencies, has a healthy family, has a decent bill of health, then that should be cause for worry. After all, a guy that has a stable life is not the most probable receiver of an emergency.

If you ask your man what the emergency is and he gives a vague answer, it might be cause for concern. It could be a sign that he might be taking you for a fool.


Not For You

In a relationship it’s normal to buy gifts. But if he thinks that you’re a fool for trusting him, you might discover that he’s buying gifts that’s not intended for you or for someone you know. Trust your gut on this one, but if it’s coupled with more questionable activities, it could be a sign that he’s not making himself exclusive to you anymore.



Lying in a relationship is definitely unavoidable. Sometimes the people in it lie to protect the one he or she loves. But if he constantly lies about where he’s at or who he’s with, it could be a sign that he’s taking you for a fool. Approach him calmly and try to talk it out; but if he still lies to your face then it might be time to get out of his life for good.


The Busy Signal

In today’s hectic life, maintaining a healthy relationship is a challenge. But if he’s using this as a constant excuse for not spending time with you, it could be a sign that he’s taking you for a fool.

There are two common patterns to watch out for if you think his “busy” schedules are complete bull:

First, if he keeps recycling the same excuse like “I’m at work doing overtime” alot, then smothers you with affection that seems a bit forced, it could be that he was with someone else during his “work”.

Second, if he suddenly gets busy and he has no excuse for his behavior, it could be a bad sign. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he is seeing someone else on the side, but it’s still a warning that your relationship isn’t going as well as you think it is.

What’s worse is if these two are combined; if that does happen, it might be a great idea to confront him about his “busy time”. Usually if he’s cheating he’ll be totally defensive and clam up, or he will argue that you are the only one for him and make sure you believe whatever he’s telling you.



If your guy gets a little too over-defensive when you try and grab his cellphone, it might be because he’s hiding something from you. It could be that he’s just really overprotective of his gadgets or he’s having a fling with another woman.

Although some guys might see this as a violation of privacy, if he overreacts to a simple request like seeing his texts, it could spell trouble. Don’t make him take you for a fool and just leave him in the past.



When the guy keeps going on and on about how much he thinks you’re the one for him but you still feel like you two are at opposite ends of the world, it could be that he thinks your a fool. It’s a good idea to sit down and ask him about the inconsistent behavior to determine if he’s just emotionally aloof, if he thinks the relationship is over or if he’s seeing someone on the side.


Material Evidence

The most obvious sign that he’s taking you for a fool, there’s no denying hard, cold evidence. If you find items that do not belong to either of you, or anyone close to you both, in his car, bedroom, or apartment, it is definitely a cause for concern. Ask him about it first before you decide if he’s no longer invested in your relationship. It’s been proven that cheaters will usually admit when evidence is clearly in the picture.